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The OpenWorld Story

Veteran Owned - Veteran Ran




The story goes back to 2008 when three strangers ended up attending a small aviation school in New Hampshire. You meet so many people when you get there but there are those that stand out as individuals that just click for you. The three of us met and simply clicked, we were a likeminded group of forward thinking hard chargers that had a passion for the outdoors. We just simply enjoyed life. We would go out and explore everything New England has to offer and talk about ideas for the future. We did not know it yet, but these years together are where OpenWorld was born.
Fast-forward a few years and we began talking about how we wanted to design ultra-light outdoor gear that allowed everyone to get out and explore. We all live across the US, from the mid-west to northern Maine and the different environments allowed us to see needs of explorers in different geographic locations. That is when these three college friends took the leap and began creating products that allow you to go explore the OpenWorld the way it is meant to be.